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Foundation made simple with MAC’s new Foundation Finder
Not sure how to choose a foundation? MAC has made it easier. Try their new MAC Foundation Finder on their website. It’s simple. MAC ask three questions:

  1. Coverage
  2. Finish
  3. Shade & Undertone

In addition to the three questions, they have videos that  explains the terms used in each question.  If you are not sure which finish you need or why, it will be explained so you can answer the questions with confidence.

Putting the Foundation Finder to the test:
So I tried the MAC Foundation Finder out to see what it should suggest. I selected:
Coverage: Full
Finish: Matte
Shade & Undertone: Golden/Olive undertone and pulled the shade indicator to Deep/Dark

MAC’s program suggested that I try Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15.
It listed three different colors, but said my best match as NC45

Interstingly enough, that is the exact product and shade that I own and I really like it!

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My Review:
I think this a good way to get an idea of what you need before you go to the cosmetic counter. Anything that helps you become a more informed consumer is a plus.

I think it will help you understand which product would best suit you, but you still need to test the color out in person to make sure it’s right for you. Because the final color it suggest depends greatly on where you place the shade indicator.

Products the Foundation Finder picked for me. Image from

Tried It? Review It? Leave a Comment. Leave A Link!
If you have tried this? Leave a comment and tell me what you think.  If you written (or recorded) a review, leave the link when you comment.

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4 thoughts on “NEW MAC Foundation Finder

  1. I really like those Mac videos, and their website. Very forward, yet relatable – showing women over 40 and a huge range of skin tones. I rarely wear foundation, but I have been thinking of getting a sheer coverage one. I tried the Foundation Finder and was recommended Face and Body Foundation in N2. I definitely would like to see this on my skin before I purchased it but I imagine I would find something at their store that works for me.

    • Thanks for the comment! MAC Face & Body is great for a sheer look and it is buildable if you need heavier coverage. Now you know the type of foundation and color you want to try, you have a great starting point when you go to MAC. It will save you a lot of time. Let me know how everything turns out. 🙂

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