NEW Blood & Gore Category: Red Eyes

Before, no makeup

Since I love both beauty makeup and special fx, I thought  it would be nice to have  a special fx, “Blood & Gore” category. This is where I will give little tips and tricks from myself and others professional makeup/special fx. Here is my first offering for this category.

Red Eyes
Tip#1: User a dark red eyeliner pencil to line the eyes.  This will immediately create a sickly look.

After: Soft red eye liner used to look tired/old, plus painted age makeup.

To Apply:  Apply in short disconnected strokes. Then blend well so it doesn’t look like eyeliner. Can even dot on waterline

Uses for this look: Sickly, distressed look, tired, aged and zombie.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT use a lipliner on our eyes. Kryolan makes a great red eyeliner.  Don’t have red/burgundy eyeliner? Use a dark red, matte eyeshadow with thin liner brush.

Becuase my friend was so brave to let me use her as a model for no makeup and painted age. I had show her in beauty makeup as well. 

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