Fashion’s Night Out 2011



Fashion’s Night Out (FNO) is an after hours shopping orgy, all about clothes and accessories, which celebrated all over the world. But it’s not just about the clothes. You can’t talk about fashion without talking about makeup. They go together like peas and rice, ham and cheese, pizza and ketchup (ok… maybe not that one).   So of course the big makeup companies like MAC, Make Up For Ever, Aveda and Kiehl’s are getting in on the act.

Helping the Economy:
To go along with this event, fashionable tote bags, hats and t-shirts touting the logo “FNO” are for sale as well.  I suppose limited edition, FNO lipstick colors and/or eye shadow palette are next. I wouldn’t mind buying a t-shirt or tote bag. Then everyone will know how trendy and sophisticated  I am. That I have extra spending cash to drop on a special extended evening of shopping for trinkets and frocks galore.  That I did my bid to help the economy bounce back.

Change of Plans:
Well, I was going to be among the throngs checking out the delectable deals and delights. So I could do my patriotic duty and come back and write about it. Instead, I have a makeup job September 8th. I will be on a film set until late at night.  Rather than spending money, I will be making it. Which is what I should be doing anyway.

If you are lucky enough to be in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Milan, or any other the places across the world where you are able to participate in the fashion/beauty extravaganza, remember me toiling away with my brushes and foundation  palette.

If you need help planning your FNO in NY or FNO outside of NY click here 

If you go to FNO, leave a comment and let me know what you bought.


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