M•A•C has got a brand new bag! Can you say wish list?

Newly placed at the top of my MD Shari Wish List is M•A•C Cosmetic recently released set of makeup bags for fall.  Though slightly different, each bag is made from Italian fabric and has mock leather fob containing a mirror. There are three bags, black, grey and a very sexy red, all limited edition, all designed by Mariza Scotch.

Limited Edition makeup bags by M•A•C Mariza!

Mariza 1: The sexy red bag is 8×5, which is a nice small clutch size.  It has a simple zipper pouch.

Mariza 2: Cool grey. 11 x 6 in.  Bigger than the red bag. Envelope style bag with some inner compartments and two zipper pockets.

Mariza 3: Basic black. 11×6 in. Same as the grey one. In fact everything is ditto to the grey

Are they worth the $40 to $50 price tag? You tell me. I do need a new cosmetic bag and black and grey style seem like they would be big enough to hold the makeup I usually lug around with me.  I wish the red one was bigger.  Then I would definitely buy the red one.  Also, it would be nice if they came with some products inside the bags. Or did I miss something?  Still, it’s M•A•C and the bags are very stylish.

To get the bag or not to get the bag? That is the question. Did you get the bag already? Talk to me. Let me know what you think.


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