Milani makes lining your lips so easy!

I will spend good money on makeup if I really like the product. But sometimes you can get quality without spending an arm and a leg. I have been using Milani’sEasyliner For Lips, retractable pencil, for years now.  It goes on smooth, has staying power and the Dark Coffee color works with a wide range of lipsticks and glosses on my skintone.

The Easyliner For Lips, retractable pencils come in 8 beautiful colors and retail for about $5.  You can find them at most drug stores like CVS and Walgreens.  The liner is retractable, so you waste less product than you would if you were using a pencil you had to sharpen constantly.

Milani Retractable lip pencil comes in 8 beautiful colors

What their website says:
Retractable tip, no sharpening required, delivers smooth and easy application on the lips. Long-wearing formula captures your lip color to extend the wear while keeping lips looking full and voluminous.

What I think about the product:
A agree with the websites descripstion for the most part. It does wear quite well considering it’s basically a very thin, matte,creme stick and not a stain.   I love the way it defines my lips and I can use it with just about any lip color or under a sheer gloss for a natural look.

Along with general product information the Milani website offers tips and tricks like the one below:

“To outline your lips, make an X on the center of your upper lip (lip cleavage). Following the contour of your mouth, start from the outer edges of your lips and work your way towards center of your upper lip (where the x is marked). This will prevent from making one arch higher, pointier or rounder than the other. 

Tip: Before applying your lipliner, cover your lips lightly with your foundation or pressed powder. “

For more tips like this or to learn more about Milani, check out their website: 

You can also follow Milani on
Twitter: @milanicosmetics
Facebook: Milani
YouTube: Milani’s Channel

Have you tried Milani product before? If so, what’s your favorite? Leave and comment and let me know


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