Stop and smell the roses. Weekly photo challenge: Flowers

Or in this case, any flower. So often nature influences makeup and fashion. I like to stop and take a moment to appreciate unadulterated beauty. Beauty that ask nothing, yet gives so much.

Here is my weekly photo challenge: flowers
Not sure if it’s too late, but since I had these two pics sitting in my cell, I thought I would share. Plus, I can’t sleep. So I am posting this from my tablet. I hope it is formatted correctly.

These flowers remind me of the bright color trends in lip products and eye shadows. They are from my neighbor’s yard, after being watered. I am not sure what the white and yellow flowers are, but I believe the pink ones are bogenvelias. I took the pictures on Friday Aug 26. I will be using them as wallpaper on my phone. Every time I look at the beautiful flowers, I will stop and smile.

If you know what the white and yellow flower is, leave a comment and let me know.

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