Share your mascara and you could be sharing eyelash mites


You are hanging with your BFF talking about makeup and boys. Then you see that she has that new mascara you have been dying to try. So you pop the tube open and brush a little on your lashes.  She is your BFF.  You share everything, clothes, shoes and accessories. She doesn’t look sick. It is just mascara. No big deal, right? WRONG! When you share makeup, you may be getting more than you bargain for.  Sharing mascara can spread a variety of diseases, like staph infection and pink eye, but did you know you could also be sharing eyelash mites as well?

According to
50% of adults have eyelash mites.   “Mascara is a breeding ground for those mites and they begin to grow…. There is subtle itching and the eyelashes begin to fall out, so don’t write off losing your eyelashes to old age” says Dr. Oz.

According to, eyelash mites are also one cause of Blepharitis, which occurs when tiny oil glands located near the base of the eyelashes malfunction. Blepharitis is often a chronic condition, meaning that it may require long-term care.

Bottom line? We know you like your friends, but don’t share mascara. You only have one set of beautiful eyes, it’s not worth it.

Check out Dr. Oz’s How-To Beauty School for more information about healthy eyes & eye makeup.

Got something to say on the subject of mascara and eyelash mites? Leave a comment and talk to me baby!

2 thoughts on “Share your mascara and you could be sharing eyelash mites

  1. Eyelash mites aren’t actually bad for you… It’s rare that they cause anything. It’s a classic example of commensalism in humans. They’re passed down via contact (often between mother and baby). Way more people have them than 50% of the population. Pretty much everyone has them. As long as you have good hygiene (read: shower + wash your face and makeup off) you probably won’t have any problems. Eyelash mites could also be considered mutualism since they eat dirt and oil from our eyelashes and keep them pretty clean. As long as your skin isn’t an oil and dirt infested mess, the eyelash mites will have a normal population (except in EXTREMELY rare cases) and won’t cause any issues. The issues come when too many eyelash mites live in a hair follicle. (They live in your hair follicles. They don’t actually tear open your skin to live in…) This can cause the eyelash to fall out. Also, the surplus of mites can cause their dead bodies and wastes to pile up in your pores, causing irritation. Normally, there aren’t enough mites to cause problems because they’re so small, and you know, hygiene. This usually only happens if you’re really unhygienic or just plain unlucky. It’s really rare. I still don’t recommend sharing any eye makeup, but this isn’t accurate. Your friends’ eyelash mites aren’t going to kill you, but their bacteria, fungi, and virions might. DON’T SHARE EYE MAKEUP!
    Fun fact: Eyelash mites also do love to eat mascara. It’s full of the stuff they like to eat, so that’s cool. (Don’t worry. As long as you take your makeup off at night you won’t get any crazy mite population booms… It’s still an incredibly rare condition even if you don’t) Hey, at least you’ll always have some cool friends in your eyelashes! Just because they look scary under the microscope doesn’t mean they are! Feed your eyelash mites!

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