My New Year of MORE!

Just me

Since my birthday was earlier this month. August is technically my New Year. I don’t really make new year resolutions, but I do think about changes I want to make and things I want to do (I guess that is sort of a resolution-ie?)

Anyway, this year my theme is “MORE”. Along with the lifelong goal of continued education on social media, computers, writing, beauty & fashion. I am working on posting more reviews, articles, tweets & videos. Continually booking more makeup/special fx jobs and just doing more of what I love: MAKEUP! Well, makeup, hair, computer gadgets and talking about my 1yr old nephew… but mostly makeup. I hope that while I do more, I will get more feedback from you, the reader/viewer. This will help me see if I am heading in the right direction or if I need to step back are rework things a bit.

So… get ready to get more Makeup Dr. Shari!

Find out MORE and connect with me at:


Twitter: @MakeupDrShari


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